Moon Shadow

Last week (March 10ish), Inara recently became acquainted with shadows. She saw one on her wall wondered what it was. I tried to explain it to her and she can recognize them, but she has since become obsessed with them! I think are also have a negative effect on her though. She makes sure that she says good night to them, but also makes comments like "shadow won't hurt me, huh?" I have to reassure her of what they really are and she seems to buy into it for awhile.

It's to the point, right now that she doesn't stop thinking about them. My daughter is quite OCD, but I guess that's why I'm her mother. I have my moments, don't get me wrong, but I hope to help her balance some of her obsessions.

She likes it when you use her stuffed animals to show shadows on the wall or outside, but I just wonder how long this will last! It's cute, but hindering things such as sleep as well. I try to sing her the Cat Stevens song Moon Shadow and she likes that and she seems to forget about the obsession for a moment. It's a start!


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