Inara Just Over Two Years

Inara turned two a few months ago and here is her with Grandmama at her birthday party eating a rather large chocolate cupcake! She isn't allowed a lot of sugar, so that night, after her sugar high, she crashed and was CRABBY! Oh well, she had so much fun with all her friends that came to play with her!
Inara is really showing more and more personality each day and I see so many of our day-to-day influences coming out in her at times as well. Her communication skills are amazing, when she wants them to be. I love it when I ask her a question not once, but several times and she doesn't even flinch to acknowledge that I have spoken to her, much less answer me. It's usually a typical mom question like "do you want to eat yogurt or turkey?" or "Please go get your shoes so we can go". But if I were to say, "Do you want some chocolate?" her little head would immediately turn in my direction and give me a robust reply. Two is a fun age! She understands so much and can speak full sentences and is starting to use pronouns properly! Instead of "hold you" she now says "hold me".

It didn't post right, but you get the idea! So tired, she will sleep anywhere...I wish this were really true all the time!

Two can also be a challenging age. She has always been the girl to decide when she wants to do something, and I have a feeling potting training will be the same. About a month ago, maybe, she stripped down, took her diaper off and went into the dark bathroom and sat on her potty and filled it. That has not happened since and when asked if she wants to go potty she says no. But we have been reading a potty book, so when she sees her potty she says "No More Diapers" quite emphatically.

I have been knitting a lot lately since I am pregnant and I made a newborn hat. She wanted to wear it but gladly conceded when I told her it was for the baby in my belly. She proceeded to put the hat under my shirt for the baby. At least she is already sharing with her sister.

Sleep is another issue with her. She rarely stays asleep in her bed all night long, but we have napping under control! Just yesterday, I heard her talking after her nap so I went to quietly investigate. She was not fussing (as usual) and she was still laying down snuggling with her baby kissing its face repeatedly and quite sweetly I might add. I love it when she wakes up happy!
She loves her dogs!

She is also becoming quite the active child. Most days she is content to run errands with me or toddle around the house while we go about our normal day. When we are at a new space or at a place with lots of room (we have a smaller house) she loves to run around and dance whenever possible! Dancing is fun to see her do as well. It's usually a lively or bouncy song and she will just start dancing and sometimes singing along. She has also started a little butt wiggle which is so adorable.
Inara covered in stickers! I did the same thing as a child. :)

We are working on getting her to realize that a new baby will be coming soon too. For awhile we had a boys name picked out and still sometimes she calls the baby by this name, so maybe I will have to buy her a little boy doll to call this name. :)


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