Pregnancy - Week 24 to 39

Week 24 (February 18) - Present: Week 39 (June 3)

Well, I'm writing about nearly half of pregnancy as I sit here just a few days away from 40 weeks wishing the baby was already here. Let's face it, I don't enjoy being pregnant. The only good parts are 2nd trimester and feeling the baby roll around and kick inside. Right now she is so large it hurts at times when she kicks my ribs!

I was 25 1/2 weeks along when Inara and I got the chance to visit our good friends in California. Christine, Liam, Inara and I had a lot of fun! Although you can't see how pregnant I am in this photo, I was just starting to get big enough in the belly to where it was uncomfortable to do certain things. We did well traveling together though, despite Inara getting sick. I hope to post more about our trip in a different entry.
At just over 29 weeks (picture taken 3.27.11), I'm really starting to stick out! Anna just loves the belly. But I only let good friends fondle the belly like that :). During this pregnancy, I have not gained nearly as much weight as I did the first time! I attribute this to my change in health and diet. I have been seeing my nutritionist for just over 2 years now and having given up wheat, dairy, soy and a few other changes have made such a difference! I have cheated on the dairy a few times though...but I was craving it, can you blame me?
April 9, 2011 (31 weeks along) just two weeks later at my shower, I have already grown! It was at this time, people started commenting on how I'm "all baby" and "you've grown in just a week!" and sometimes even a "are you sure you aren't having twins?". This got really old and fast. But, my shower was a lot of fun thanks to Anna putting it all together and throwing a great party! Also for this pregnancy, I'm sticking straight out! Last time I was wide, but this time, not so much.
Inara is sporting the Baby Plus system that I have been wearing on my belly to let the baby listen to different rhythms and sounds that mimic the heartbeat, but that also are supposed to help the baby focus and potentially be smarter :). She wanted to be just like her mama today! So sweet...

May 7th, 2011 - 34 Weeks You can see here that I'm also putting on some more visible weight and so is the baby! She is nearly fully grown, but still developing! I'm already so anxious for her to arrive! (just not too soon)
May 27, 2011 - Week 38 (just 3 weeks from the previous picture and already so much larger!)
I have been done with the school year for a week now and just waiting. Inara came at 38 1/2 weeks, so I was getting anxious. I did have a day of "false labor" taunting me that I could be done being pregnant! I'm so ready for her to come at this point! My clothes are not fitting quite as well anymore...
June 6, 2011 - Week 39 1/2 Just 4 days to my official "due date" and I'm getting impatient! This picture is quite unflattering, but I'm down to 2 dresses that are comfortable enough to wear and cover me sufficiently. Thankfully the late spring has not been too hot for me, but I still need the air conditioning to get by. As I'm writing, Baby Elsa, as we have been calling her, is hiccuping and it feels quite forceful! She is ready to come... Over the last few weeks I have also felt her foot fatten up as she is putting on the pounds! Stay small for mama, baby...Let's make this birth easy!

I'm constantly complaining that I cannot do this or that because of my huge belly! This morning Inara says to me "you belly will feel better when baby Elsa comes". You are so right my dear...I'm really ready for my home birth as well! My midwife has been so great and I think I'm all set up with all the supplies to have her! It will be nice to be home in a comfortable environment. We did a hospital birth with Inara and it was just fine, but this will just be so much more natural, even though it was nearly as natural as it could be for a hospital birth these days!

I hope to post pictures of our family of 4 when she arrives! Today I have had more crampy contractions and Don is hopeful that she comes on his birthday tomorrow. :) Whatever will I do with 2 June 7th babies in the house?


rebekah @ justfordaisy said...

Found you via Paint on the Ceiling blog... Wow! Your bump is beautiful! I'm about 18 weeks pregnant with our 2nd baby! :) Good luck with your impending birth and life with a newborn again!

rebekah @ justfordaisy said...

I've just seen the date that says June and figure this is actually quite an old post! :) Loving looking around your little blog... Blessings

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