Nearly 22 Months Old!

(P.S. this has been in draft for for nearly 2 months now. I have to post without pics because I have more to write since she is nearly 2 years old now!)

Well, I have finally retrieved my pictures on my old annoying camera (after purchasing a new battery) from July to September, but I do have a wonderful new purple Canon Powershot. It's so much nicer. The only downside is that it takes much larger video files and they are hard to post here!

Inara is maturing so quickly these days! Each day she says at least one new word in the correct context. She is really observant. Sometimes I might have only said the word once to her!

Last month, her aunt got married and she was the cutest flower girl with her cousin. She walked down the aisle with her cousin and once the got to the front, she decided to lay down. She did this at the rehearsal and got a great reaction so she decided to see if that would happen again. Sure enough, the audience laughed and said "awwww" and she was happy. Later that evening, she had a blast on the dance floor. She would have danced all night if she could have!

Recently, although she had been obsessed with Veggie Tales, she actually had me take out Veggie Tales in the middle of the show and put in Disney's Robin Hood. That is one of my favorites so it makes me happy, BUT that means that she is actually sitting and watching TV for more than 10 minutes. Uh oh... She is also paying close attention to what is on TV so even though we have been careful, I think we have to be extra careful now. She heard someone on TV say a name 3-4 times and then she repeated it herself.

(edited maybe a month ago here...)
In the last few weeks she has been putting together 2 and 3 word phrases that I can understand. She speaks full sentences in her own gibberish which is adorable anyway. Today she even said "self" as in I can do it myself, mom... She also says me, meaning she wants to make sure she comes with me or is not left out.

She also love to sing! At Grandmama's house she sings while Grandmama plays the piano. At home she sings if she hears music or sometimes she will just sing! I love it. Her eyes tear up and get red as if she were crying. That sometimes happens to me when I sing. I guess she really means it.


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